Friday, July 10, 2009

A normal day.

Today is a normal day.
Everything move on smoothly.
Nothing special happened.
These few days i keep make her unhappy?
i am really useless.
Why i useless? I dont know.
I just know i keep made her unhappy.
I know sorry no cure.
But i cant do anything anymore.
Hope u forgive me.

Happy things was. I received W902 as my birthday present.
Thank you dad and mum. Love it so much.
But the phone is quite normal.
Normal than wat i expected to have.
I bought it for RM900 with 8GB memory card.
Cheap. Cause bought it from relative.
Hope i will appreciate and not using it so rough anymore.
I have been using my nokia 7610 for 3 years. Not bad ba.
Tomorrow Kuan's birthday.
He invited me to his house.
Hope everything will be fine tml.
Including her.
Hope she wont be unhappy tomorrow.
And hope she is nothing.
God bless you.
I will be very scare if u got things.

I think thats all for today.

Love you.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Happy day. ^^

Yesterday was a happy day. ^^
Morning i have teacher's day performance.
After the performance all of them say my voice very low and unique.
But, Without expression. Like piece of wood singing.
Yeah, i very muk de. >.< size="1">jk)XD
Then after dat have our club performance rehearsal lo.
Then i practise my solo.
I only think of my actions when i practising.
Haha. All very funny. XD
Then afternoon go Natasha's house bath lu.
Godwin keep practise his song.
So yesterday he finally get wat he deserved.
Not bad la. He also didnt join any competition before.
1st time oh. Can get 3rd better than me XD
Then we have our pizza Hi-Tea at her house lu XD
Thanks Natasha's mum.
Then i go to school again lo.
Go choir room Fa Ying.
Then go IS practise our class choir.
They put alot of effort on it.
They get wat they deserved.
Gratz Senior 1 Ren!
The Phantom Of Tshung Tsin.
Here comes the most nervous time.
My solo competition, starts at 7 sharp.
When it is not my turn, i am not nervous at all.
Because of u. Accompany me all the way :)
U know who u are.
When it is my turn, i am extraordinary nervous !!!
My heartbeat so fast.
I just try my best to put some expression and actions.
But so pity i forgot the lyrics.
Cha yi dian mati.
But i got face expression.
I so scare when i reach the highest pitch of the song.
So scare will zhou ying and po ying.
Luckily I didnt.
Thanks Yeo Chun Fui.
Then after my competition i go IS practise class choir.
While I was practising, suddenly Natasha and Mandy come and tell me:
U Got 1st place !!!!!!
So shocked!!!
My reaction after hearing tat so funny XD
After my class choir, i change clothes again.
For club's performance.
Our club performance was okay.^^
Then i have my 总冠军争霸赛.
So nervous oh.
This time i have more expressions and actions.
Here comes the most nervous time.

Prize Giving Ceremony

My heartbeat became abnormal again.
When it is my turn to get the prize, I feel happy.
Cause got ppl support me.
My class and you :)
Thanks for all ur support.
I appreciate it. :)
I got overall champion.
Then after that go eat supper lo.
Then go home sleep.
I can really sleep ^^
I think that's all lo. =D

Miss ya too :)
Thanks for ur support
Muackss :3

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A mooooooody day.

Today, Everything's fine.
But not my feeling.
I feel so bad mood today.
Because of something.
You wont understand

Ok nevermind.
Forget about that.
Another thing that made me bad mood.
When in car i got mood to do.
Then reach home,
Forget about it.
Out ! out! Homeworks!
Dont ever come and disturb my life.
But no choice.
I am SStream student.
No homeworks = Weird.
Time to control myself and start studying.
Only for my own future, my own good.

Do dreams work?
I hope so.
I have alot of imcomplete dreams.
Of course, i am just 16.
But at least i must fulfill the dreams that should be done in my teenage life.

Activities coming from today onwards:
4-7-2009 : Folk Song Competition( Final)
6-7-2009: My own special day ^^
31-7-2009: TTSS night.
August : Examsssssssss. :S
5-9-2009: TTSC Concert. (The most meaningful day throughout the year.)

Quite many activities happening soon.
Qi dai.
Good luck ya All Sunflower-ers!
All the best for the activities coming soon.
I am abit sad that Our club is having 10 graduates this year.
Everytime when i think this, I feel like crying.
Especially Cantik, my senior who has taught me skills of collecting money.
Lim Chun, The only prefect in our club who play together with us tanpa mengira kedudukan.
2010 Sunflower Choir.. How will it be? I am looking forward.

That's all for today. ^^

miss ya :3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Becoming more and more useless.

I took all my exam paper. Almost all improved. But my maths.
I only get 38. =.=
Omg lo this time my transcript.
Got red.
1st time. T.T
I am useless.
I am useless.
I am useless.
I am useless.
I am useless.
I am useless.
Regret is always too late to recover. I realized that.
Good luck to you.
I have no longer belong to you.
Hope you get ur ideal man :)
The sportsman. :)
Start from now on dont contact with me anymore.
I am just too annoying.
Make u unhappy.
U know i talking about u. I know u know.
Good luck in your future.
All the best.
God bless you.
Be the new version of yourself la. ^^
I have no mood to blog today.
Today my class starts practising choir.
Thats the most special things today.

Thats all. Tata.

Wish you happy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 weeks didnt update already.

Exam finally ends.
But result sucks.This time sure die.
Today went to school for Basketball Competition..
Our 1st opponent..
name already win..
Lose liao lo..
But happy at least didnt get 0
Took some experience
Need improvements on techniques.
This holiday nothing to do also.
stay at home most of the time.
Waiting for Sunflower Choir's training camp.
It will be fun for sure. ^^
Thx JC and Norris for wasting RM6 to join the basketball competition.
Hope i can improve before Inter-class Basketball competition.
Nothing special happened in my life.
So i didnt update :

Friday, May 22, 2009

A nice song that i would like to share with u all.

Pie Jesu

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A weird day.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Dont laugh after watching this.